Creatures Links

Here is a list of links to sites that I find useful. Some of them are no longer updated, but are still of great interest for those who haven't already seen them. This list is presented in no special order.

Official page:

Creature Labs

All the official addons and tons of tips and free stuff!

Unofficial pages in English:

If you look for new metarooms for C3 and/or DS, this is a good place to start. And there's more.


Jennifer's site where you can find her own agents for DS and those C3 agents she has adapted for DS, including mine.

The Norngarden

Home of the Norngarden Terrarium and the Jungle Norns for C3 and DS.


Everything you ever wanted to know about norn genetics.

Bastian Schiebener's Homepage

Bastian has a huge section about wolfling runs.

Creatures Jungle

Some very original cobs for both C1 and C2, norns and the creatures calendar.

Albia 2000

A huge site, has almost everything.

The Truth about Grendels

Has not been updated in a while, but still has valuable information for beginners and more advanced creatures players.

Adventures in Nornsitting

Adventures in Nornsitting is back with a new address. Download the Scorpio Norns and the Mernorns. Seems to be rather often unavailable.

Creatures Developer Resource

One of the most interesting sites on the net, has information about how the brains of norns work. You can also download a few very useful programs here.

Fig's Tree

A very nice collection of C1 cobs, all original and new!

Hausmouse's C3 Page
Some of the most useful agents for C3.

Random Access - Darcie's C3
Darcie's C3 page.

A new site in French with some hints how to find your way through it in English. ;-)


The following pages are German pages, but have english areas as well, so don't miss them.

Mathis' und Klaas' Creatures Homepage

A huge collection of C1 cobs.

Mummy's Creatures

Everything the heart desires for all three games! In fact my very favorite Creatures site.

Last changes: 28/03/05