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If you arrived directly on this page, you might want to have a look at the main page to see what's new at Monika's Creatures.

What's newNew in December 2001:

New Cobs: A fish vendor, a rock candy vendor, a script to fill the hooch cups and Alexander Lämmle's fill honey script.

New in February 2001:

25 norns from a wolfling run.

New in September 2000:

Cob tutorial #1.

New in August 2000:

The background image of Darwinia has been updated. For details please refer to the Welcome to Darwinia page.

New in July 2000:

New design. The text pages have been revised where necessary and the links and names pages have been updated.

New in May 2000:

  • All Norns and Grendels have been removed and replaced. Now you can find a collection of my 40th to 51st generations of Norns and a collection of Grendels from various generations on this site.

New in January 2000:

If you would like to discuss about Creatures or if you have any questions, you may write me (please make sure you provide a valid reply address and please read my FAQ first!).

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