C2 Cobs: Toys


Healing Ammonite: This beautiful fossil is a toy your creatures can play with. It has some limited organ healing capabilities and can also be activated by the hand.

Golden Desert Norn Doll

Golden Desert Norndoll: This norn doll decreases boredom, stress, loneliness and sadness. It can only be activated by a creature. Special thanks to Ingrid Jung's Zwirl for posing. ;-)

C2 Spinosaurus

This is a dinosaur toy for your norns. It will roar when pushed or pulled and will put them in good humor.


Another dinosaur to give your world a prehistoric touch. Can be pushed and pulled like the spinosaurus.

Dancing Bony Grendel

Purple ball:
This ball is very much the same as the original beach ball except that it makes your Bony Grendels and Golden Desert Norns dance.

Last changes: 10/04/03